How an Apple a day can keep empty covers away

Construction and Maintenance

Steve Jobs, the late and much-lamented co-founder of Apple was a man who understood the importance of design. He commented “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Whether you’re running a budget eatery or a fine-dining restaurant, good restaurant design will make your job much easier. Finding a good Restaurant Designer Orange County will help to ensure that you can focus on creating and serving great food, rather than having to worry about basic problems which could easily have been avoided.

Good design is fundamental to efficiency

Regardless of whether or not you’re running a show kitchen, where the chefs and staff are visible to diners, you need to ensure that the kitchen is organized for maximum efficiency. There is a lot more to this than ensuring that there is enough staff on shift at any given time and that suppliers know what they are supposed to deliver and when. Restaurant kitchens are a cross between an artist’s studio and a factory. They create great food, but they always need to be aware that diners come with appetites and therefore there is rarely any time to spare when preparing their meals. Even without mistakes restaurant kitchens are usually places of frantic activity. From time to time, mistakes are inevitable, but having a well-designed kitchen will help to minimize avoidable problems.

Getting the design right front-of-house is also crucial. There is a key difference between design and décor (although both are important). Essentially décor is an element in how a place looks. Design, as Steve Jobs said, is all about how it works. A restaurant may look beautiful but if it is poorly-designed, staff will struggle and diners will feel uncomfortable, even if they can’t quite work out why. Obviously diners who feel uncomfortable are highly unlikely to return.

Good design is essential to attracting diners

Front-of-house design starts with thinking about what your diners want and what your servers need to deliver it to them. It places your diners’ comfort first and foremost and builds around this to allow for efficiency of service. How this is achieved will depend on a number of factors and will probably need to be adapted to each individual location as well as the character of the restaurant.

As an example, a basic requirement of good restaurant design is that diners have enough space to eat in comfort. If there is too little space then they will feel cramped and uncomfortable. If, however, there is too much space, the restaurant will be able to seat fewer customers which will reduce its opportunities for profit. Using a good restaurant designer will ensure that the balance is just right and achieved in the optimum way.

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