Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys In King George, VA For Premise’s Liabilities


Personal Injury Attorneys in King George, VA assist victims after a premise’s liability has occurred. In these cases, the victim fell or was injured while visiting a publicly accessible area. These areas are typically shopping centers, parks, or public events. In most cases, the reason for the accident is a failure to comply with safety standards. With these cases, it is critical to prove that the owner of the establishment failed to compensate the victim for the injuries. It is also necessary to prove how the accident occurred in the first place. If you were injured due to no fault of your own, contact a personal injury attorney promptly and file a claim.

Premise’s Liabilities

Injuries that occur in areas such as shopping centers and parking lots are encompassed in premise’s liabilities. These injuries are considered the fault of the establishment owner. In cases where the accident occurred in a public park, it is deemed the fault of individuals responsible for maintaining this area. During the litigation process, your attorney acquires medical evidence to show the severity of your injuries and how they were sustained. Any eyewitnesses who saw the accident are called in to testify.

Personal Injury Attorneys

John P. Harris III Attorney at Law is a personal injury attorney who is well-versed in civil litigation. This attorney prepares iron clad injury claims for victims of premise’s liabilities. In these cases, the attorney pinpoints fault by acquiring video evidence when necessary of the accident. This is probable in areas such as shopping centers and helpful in supporting your claim. If you were the victim of a premise’s liability that was not your fault contact this attorney’s office today and file a claim.

Personal Injury Attorneys in King George, VA are effective in litigating premise’s liabilities. In these cases, the victim was injured due non-compliance with safety standards in most cases. These occurrences include slips and falls primarily. However, in some cases such as public zoos, an animal attack is included in this category. Your attorney reviews all documentation you have for the injury including medical bills and records.