Helping Your Minneapolis Car Accident Attorney


No one can plan for a vehicle accident, but knowing what to do if you are in a wreck is important. Recording information and getting the necessary documentation at the scene of the Minneapolis accident can be very helpful to your car accident attorney if the insurance company is failing to settle for a fair amount.

It can be very traumatic to be a car accident, particularly if the accident is serious and there are injuries or the tragic loss of life. Knowing what to do and what not to do in advance can help you to take the necessary steps if you are ever involved in one of these types of accidents.

Assess the Situation

The first step after any type of car accident should be to determine the condition of all involved. Start by checking to make sure you are not injured, then check with any passengers in your vehicle.

Check the driver and passengers of other vehicles involved, and call 911 for emergency medical assistance if there are any significant injuries or if anyone requests an ambulance. In Minneapolis, this call should also trigger a police response, which is also important in creating a report.

If there are no injuries, make a call to 911 and report the accident. This allows the responding officer to prepare a report. Do not leave the scene of the accident for any reason at this time. If there are any unusual situations or circumstances, call a car accident attorney or the police and ask for clarification on how to proceed.

Take Pictures

One way to assist your future car accident attorney is to take pictures of the accident once all medical issues are managed. Take pictures of the vehicles, any factors in the area including rain or snow, road condition, construction of the road or any types of obstructions or obstacles that limited vision.

Ask any witnesses for their names and contact information, and also get information from all other driver’s involved in the accident. Exchanging insurance information is also important, and your phone camera can be an easy way to snap a picture of the document for safe storage of the details.