Helpful Tips For Child Custody in Suffolk County NY


Determining child custody is an event that can be very contentious and distressing for all parties involved. As parents, the decision on who is awarded child custody is huge because that person will be responsible for all decisions concerning the future of the child until their adult years. Child Custody in Suffolk County NY, like in most jurisdictions, is determined in accordance with the “interests of the child” standard. You need to know a few important tips to prepare yourself to present the best possible case.

Be Involved

Being involved in your child’s life is paramount in the custody decision. If you’re the person most responsible for the daily interaction in their lives and their upbringing, that goes a long way to getting a judge to grant custody. A way to show your parental involvement is to keep records in the form of a journal that illustrate the level of care and nurture that you provide your child or children on a daily basis.

Track Activities

Also keep records that show all the activities that you participate in with your child. Attend school activities and build relationships with teachers. Photograph events in the children’s life to show how they spend their days and the level of your involvement. Make sure you’re in the pictures, also. A picture of you with your happy, smiling child can do nothing but help your case.

Have Witnesses

People who can attest to your relationship with your child in a positive way are important character witnesses. They can be relatives, friends or neighbors, but a judge will lend more credence to people perceived to be unbiased like teachers, doctors, members of the clergy, etc. Witnesses who have observed your positive relationship with your child for a long period and can give detailed information are even more preferable.

Don’t Be Petty

Try to not engage in petty arguments with your ex or badmouth him or her to friends or, especially, your child. This information will almost assuredly get into the custody hearing and it will reflect poorly on your character to the judge. You’ll probably come off as bitter and that will not help your case at all.

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