Helpful Information on Orthodontic Care in Queens, NY

by | May 16, 2014 | Dentist

If you are in need of braces for your alignment issues, this information can help. Knowing how to care for your braces and understanding how to avoid problems, can keep your teeth healthy and strong, so they will look their best when your treatment period is over. It is extremely important you take care of your teeth while wearing braces, so you do not experience tooth damage and permanent staining. By taking care of your teeth at home and having orthodontic care in Queens, NY, you can rest assured your smile will look beautiful when your braces are finally removed.

Hints for Caring for Your Braces

When you first get your braces, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the needed steps for care. Though it will take longer to practice good oral hygiene habits with braces, the process is not difficult. Your Orthodontist will give you the right tools to help you keep your teeth and braces clean. This will help you to avoid problems with bad breath and will keep your teeth looking their very best while they are being treated.

1. Always use a brush designed for people with braces, so you do not cause damage.
2. Make sure to floss, getting underneath and between the wiring, so your teeth are fully clean.
3. Brushing should be done after every meal and snack. Always keep a spare toothbrush with you.
4. A metal cleaning brush will be given to clean your wires and remove plaque and food particles. Make sure you use this brush every day.
5. Rinsing your mouth with a cleansing mouthwash can keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh.
6. You should wear lip balm at all times while wearing braces, to keep your lips from damage.
7. If wires are bothering you, use dental wax to cover them and protect the sensitive areas of your mouth.

They can provide you with the orthodontic care in Queens, NY you need, so your smile can be straightened. You will be amazed at how much better you will look after your teeth have been treated with braces.

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