Help With St. Louis Sexual Harassment


Though you may rather be on the beach working on your tan, shopping at the mall, or enjoying an afternoon at a baseball game instead of working, you should never be uncomfortable going to work. Work should always be a place that you feel accepted, never threatened or bullied because of your gender. In St. Louis Sexual Harassment is defined as bullying or intimidation of a sexual type, uncomfortable words, motions, or looks that are unwelcome or inappropriate. Suggestions may be given for advances in the workplace in exchange for sexual favors or acts. If this is going on in your workplace, it needs to stop. It is illegal, violates the Civil Rights Act, and is punishable by federal law.

There are many ways that St. Louis Sexual Harassment can occur and chances are, if you’re uncomfortable by something someone has said or done, don’t be afraid that you are over reacting. There is a good chance that they did cross the line, and their words or action could be considered sexual harassment. Some harassment is obvious, such as offering a raise, a bonus or time off in return for a sexual act, either during or after work. Coming up behind a person and suggestively hugging them, rubbing against them or touching them in any way that makes them uncomfortable can be considered sexual harassment. Some other ways that you may be harassed in the workplace is by your harasser stalking you, at and away from work, calling you derogatory names, leaving notes, letters or messages of a sexual nature, just to let you know they’re watching you, or even by leaving sexually explicit pictures “accidentally” in view.

If you feel that you are having a problem with sexual harassment in the workplace, one the the first things you should do is document everything. Keep all notes, texts, emails and voice mails. Write down, in detail, every uncomfortable encounter, what was said and what was done. This will help to strengthen your case, if necessary. Speaking to a St. Louis Sexual Harassment lawyer will help you understand your rights. Your attorney will be able to advise you as to what your next step should be. Don’t feel you’re trapped. The law is on your side. With the help of your St. Louis Sexual Harassment attorney, you’ll be able to stop the harassment and get the respect that you deserve.