Hardfacing Rods and Their Uses

Metals & Alloys

Composite hardfacing rods are excellent for wear and severe impact applications. They are produced from tungsten carbide particles which are suspended in a copper-based binder. The particle sizes involved range from 1/16” to 1/4” for high wear and aggressive cutting applications. Smaller particles may be used for other applications.

Some of the applications and industries that can make use of hardfacing rods, include: auger bits, wear pads, auger flights, reamers, trenching, drilling, earth moving, farrier and agriculture.

Hardfacing Process
One way to protect heavy machinery and other types of machines is through something called hardfacing, sometimes also referred to as resurfacing. Hardfacng involves a welding process that adds filler material to the surfaces of metals. When the fill material is added to the base material of the equipment it provides a layer of protection from wear and impact. Hardfacing rods are used to facilitate this process and carbide is a chief material used in this resurfacing process.

Productivity Increased
Downtime is something that a production company can ill afford to occur – at least very often. Yet, that is exactly what can happen if equipment such as trenchers or bulldozer experience problems and become grounded for any period of time. In such cases, productivity is affected which affects a company’s bottom line. When part of machines become worn down, the potential for equipment failure exists. This is where hardfacing becomes very beneficial. Hardfacing rods can be used to add the extra protection that is required to ensure equipment continues to operate with optimum productivity.

Cost Reductions
It can become costly for your business if you have to replace machine parts such as bulldozer blades, etc. due to wear on those parts. However, the need for these replacements can be reduced through the technique of hardfacing. This will provide significant savings in the long run to your operations.

Greater Machine Service Life
The service life of machine parts can be lengthened through the process of hardfacing with hardfacing rods giving those parts a layer of protection that lasts a long time. This will enable these parts to function effectively and endure the rigorous of operations that cause wear and impact.