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In the past, in order to provide effective pest control, Rochester companies used powerful chemical substances. Although the results were satisfactory in eliminating pests, these solutions had a few drawbacks. Because most of the chemicals used were toxic, humans could experience allergic reactions to them, and pets could get severely ill. Furthermore, the substances used also affected the soil and plants around the house, causing additional problems to the people living there.

With concern for household safety, pest control companies started to look for more environmentally friendly and less toxic solutions to eradicate pests. Nowadays, most companies use green solutions that are as efficient as the solutions used in the past, but safer and less harmful on the environment.

A few things about green pest control

Although there are people who consider that green pest control is inefficient pest control, Rochester companies say their green methods are very effective in eliminating a wide variety of pests. Green pest control focuses on using natural substances and prevention methods that keep pests away while protecting the health of humans, animals and the environment.

Companies using environmentally friendly methods for pest control focus on identifying the exact pests and choosing the control technique depending on their specific characteristics. Pest control in Rochester area professionals use knowledge of a species, including their life cycles, behaviours and nesting location, to determine the best method for repelling them. With the help of this type of information, pest control specialists can find ways to eliminate pests even without killing them or using dangerous substances. Sometimes, through prevention methods, the problem can be solved easily and quickly.

If prevention is not enough for effective pest control, Rochester specialists will start using safe methods to eliminate pests, like traps or pheromones that prevent mating. If these methods prove inefficient, then the experts will proceed to using non-toxic substances to keep things under control. Specialists can use organic or natural substances that are known for their positive effect in keeping pests away. They will use substances that are less harmful for the environment, but powerful enough to eliminate a large infestation.

Prevention – the heart of green pest control

Preventing a pest infestation should be a priority of every homeowner. Usually, pests appear because they find human homes attractive; they are safe and provide a bounty of food. Make your home less attractive to pests by sealing it and keeping food properly stored in airtight containers. When hiring a company to provide pest control, Rochester homeowners can eliminate current pest problems, and prevent them from recurring.


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