Getting Infertility Issues Diagnosed and Resolved Using a Quality OBGYN


Just because a couple has trouble conceiving, it does not mean that it is the end of the world. However, they will need to give each other a lot of support throughout the process, because infertility can be extremely hard on a relationship. It makes both the man and woman feel inadequate, even though that isn’t true at all. A quality women’s health OBGYN specialist in Palm Bay, FL will be able to give reassurance, and they will be able to help you get to the root of the problem that is affecting your ability to conceive.

Common Reasons Why Women Have Problems Conceiving

There are many reasons why women have trouble conceiving. Nearly 25% of women who have difficulty conceiving have problems with their ovulation cycle, such as hormonal imbalances. Many more have issues with their fallopian tubes being blocked due to past infections or surgery. Fallopian tube blockages can usually be resolved, but only if there is not a lot of scar tissue present. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is also one of the leading causes of infertility, and it basically causes cysts to develop in the ovaries. This is normally seen when a woman has a hormonal imbalance. Radiation therapy damage and endometriosis are also other common issues that prevent a woman from conceiving. The best thing a woman can do is to get evaluated to determine the cause of why she is having an issue in getting pregnant. A good OBGYN will be able to get her on the right track, so that she can start correcting the problem to improve her chances of getting pregnant.

Common Reasons Why Men Have Trouble Getting a Woman Pregnant

Men struggle with infertility issues just the same as women do, and many different conditions can cause them not to be able to get a woman pregnant. Abnormal seminal fluid is a condition that often causes infertility, and it hinders the movement of a man’s sperm to the egg. Ductal issues like obstructions or the absence of certain ducts can also cause real problems if a couple is trying to get pregnant. The blockages could be due to infection, scar tissue, or even congenital issues, but the good news is that they are fully treatable with surgery. Men will need to be evaluated just the same as women will if they are unable to conceive after trying for more than a year. Many males suffer from impotency issues, but that does not make them any less of a man, contrary to what a lot of men believe. It just means that they need a good physician on their side who can help them with their issue.

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