Get Your Brakes Checked in Franklin


Your car’s brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle. Keeping them in good working condition is essential for keeping you and the people that you drive around unharmed. Knowing when to have your brakes checked or repaired is valuable. If you are not sure when or where to get your brakes looked at then go to Brakes Franklin and have them check for you.

Checking your brakes on a regular basis is good for your knowledge. When brakes are functioning correctly your car will slow to the rate the brake pedal is being pushed. Check the distance your car goes when pressing on the brakes. If your car travels more then it did when the brakes were new then this is a sign the brake shoes are wearing down or your break fluid is low.

When doing a brake test and your brake pedal pushes down to the floor to easy, pump the brakes to see if it rises. If it does then the brake lines have air in them and they need to be bled. If that doesn’t fix the problem then you may need to adjust the brake pad or buy new ones.

If the breaks aren’t responding like new then check the brake fluid. The brake fluid reservoir is underneath the hood. Check your car manual if you’re having a hard time finding it. While you are under there, check the brake vacuum hose and all brake lines for leaks. Check behind each wheel for leaks.

Squealing brakes aren’t necessarily a sign that your brakes need to be replaced. If the squealing is constant then the brake pads probably need to be replaced. If your brakes squeal in the morning then there is moisture on the drums or pads and it will go away when the moisture has dried. If squealing is occasional then there could be an object stuck on the brake pad.

If your brake pedal vibrates when you press on the brakes get then check out soon. The rotor(s) are warped and you need to get to Brakes in Franklin before more problems arise. Shaking wheels can damage tires and axles. Don’t ignore brake vibrations. It will cost more in the long run if you do. Be conscious of your brakes and get them checked out whenever something doesn’t seem right.