Home water heating systems can come in a variety of manufacturer types and models, which can be broken down into two categories: tanks that hold the water in a reservoir tank and tanks that heat their water on the fly. Heating water has always been a common household function for several decades, even when the most common type of water heater in Tucson was gas operated. Gas based water heaters can provide efficient heat with a minimal amount of fuel consumption, while quickly supplying the home with an ample supply of heated water. A gas Water Heater, however, can also require a steady supply of natural gas fuel and a reliable exhaust vent to ensure the release of harmful carbon monoxide build up.

Electric water heaters became popular when many homes started to to make use of other electric appliances, such as stoves and furnaces. Many homeowners prefer electric over gas, simply because it’s more efficient financially to have everything in one type of bill. Purchasing gas fuel for their water heater, furnace, or stove could get expensive over time, making it ideal to switch to electric so they only had one utility bill to be concerned with. It could also eliminate two potential hazards to the home, by removing the potential thread of carbon monoxide building up in the home and flammable fuels being near the home that could ignite. While electric methods weren’t seen as being as efficient warmth wise when compared to fuel ones, they were both safer and more cost efficient.

Today, many homes are equipped with power saving appliances that run on electricity rather than fuel. Contractors that handle repairs for a home’s Water Heater in Tucson, will also be able to work on a variety of other appliances or plumbing in the home as well. Many appliances rely on the plumbing in a home to be functional and reliable, and often a Water Heater won’t be the only thing a plumbing contractor can focus on repair wise in your home. Most contractors are also experienced with both gas and electric systems, since many homeowners still use gas to this day, and often see an equal amount of repairs for both types in today’s modern market.