Get Prescription Drug Coverage with Medicare


If you qualify for Medicare benefits and need prescription drugs, you owe it to yourself to be informed and aware of how Medicare in Freeport IL can help you. The cost of pharmaceutical drugs always seems to be rising, but there are ways you can help yourself if you know where and how to look. Medicare Part D is the segment of Medicare that deals with prescription drugs and it has its own unique rules and benefits that stand distinct from the rest of Medicare. What follows are a few helpful details that will help you make a more informed decision with your doctor when it comes to your medications.

The easiest way to see if a Medicare plan covers your drug is to check the formulary list. If the drug is on the list it is covered, simple as that! You can look up this information readily at the Medicare website or just call the administrator of your Part D benefits if you would prefer Medicare in Freeport, IL. The degree of coverage will depend on the drug-some might be covered in full while others would have a copay. Payment responsibilities will vary based on whether the drug is brand name, generic or an over the counter medication.

The Medicare coverage gap (Or ‘donut hole’ as it is commonly known) is another important factor to be aware with Medicare plan. Once the total cost of the drugs you have received under Part D coverage reaches a certain threshold you will be responsible for the full price of any medications until you meet the out-of-pocket limit, upon which Medicare begins paying again. Although this gap continues to shrink with recent legislation it remains a visible spot on your healthcare roadmap that must be navigated with care. Medicare in Freeport IL will work closely with you to tailor your drug plan around the reality of the Medicare donut hole, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local agents and see how best to avoid falling into it.

Drug coverage with Medicare in Freeport IL often works most effectively when paired with an existing alternative drug coverage program. Some of these plans lack any premium or membership fees and can effectively provide you with comprehensive coverage of your medication when supported by a Part D plan. This is another great area where a local Medicare health plan can help you, so don’t delay in contacting them!