Get to Know When You Can Change Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Dallas Texas

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Law

If you are charged with a criminal act, you may need a competent lawyer to represent you in court. You can hire your private attorney or have a public defender appointed to you as required by law. However, you may not always be satisfied with services provided by the Criminal Defense Lawyer Dallas Texas for some reasons. In such a case, you are allowed to fire the attorney at will, and you don’t always require the approval of the court.

When to change your attorney

You may change your criminal defense lawyer for several reasons that include:

* Your lawyer does not give enough attention to your case.

* The lawyer does not seem to understand your case.

* When a private attorney or public defender you requested is not the one, you are given.

* If you realize that your lawyer is unnecessarily requesting for extra time to investigate the case.

* If you realize that your lawyer is somehow affiliated to the plaintiff.

If you are not able to communicate with a lawyer because they are using a different language.

If you feel that you are getting a raw deal from your lawyers, you should consider switching them for a more attentive and concerned lawyer. However, you should always inform the court prior to switching the lawyers. You should also ensure that the current Criminal Defense Lawyer Dallas Texas passes all the vital documents to the new lawyer before you can release them. If the attorney refuses to return the papers, you can inform the court so that you can get a directive form the judge.

When you may not be allowed to change your lawyer

At times, the judge may not allow you to switch your lawyer for some reasons that may include:

* You may have changed your attorneys many times, which may not be accepted by the judge.

* If the prosecutor complains that they can’t proceed with the case because they have to repeat certain explanations every time, you change your lawyer.

* If the switching process will cause unnecessary delays in the trial process.

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