Garage Door Replacement in Sparks, NV Must Focus On Safety

Construction and Maintenance

Replacing a garage door is a decision that should not be made without researching the various doors and installation procedures available. Most garage doors weigh about 400 lbs. and they can fall to the floor if they are not installed correctly. Selecting the right garage door style to accent the exterior decor of your home is also important. You may want a design expert to help with this decision, as designers can show you what a door will look like on your home by using photo overlays. There are many styles to choose from, but only a few materials. The most common of these are steel, wood carriage house doors, and wood doors. The advantages of each will depend on what you want the door to do for your home.

The Garage Door Replacement in Sparks NV, considers the installation of a garage door to be a safety matter because many parts are related to the safe operation of the door. The installation procedure considers the torsion spring which mounts on the wall over the center of the door. This is the most dangerous part of the door lift mechanism. Hanson Overhead Garage Door Service recognizes the importance of the proper installation of these mechanisms.

Particular attention is given to the installation of the tracks by Garage Door Replacement in Sparks NV, which must be mounted securely on either side of the door opening. Our installers make sure the tracks are aligned perfectly. This will ensure a smooth and quiet movement of the door. The nylon rollers will be installed in the tracks and attached to the hinges which allow the door to open. The proper installation of the tracks by experienced installers will add to the life of the door and the lift motor. The tracks are also a safety concern, so the installation is a matter our technicians also focus on.

The tracks must be perfectly aligned so the door cannot fall out of the tracks or bind. This does happen more often than necessary, and when the door hits the floor or cars in the garage, the damage can be significant. People are killed or seriously injured every year by a garage door falling to the floor. Professional garage door installers will ensure a safe and efficient operation of the door.