Front Doors are Your Invitation


What better way to make a good impression on friends and family than to welcome them into your home with a lovely, well-thought out entry way that will leave them with a sense of beauty and awe as they step through your front door. The materials you choose, the texture and colors will all leave an imprint in their minds and affect them deeply. They know that you are proud to be the owner of this home, and you want them to feel at ease while they are here.

Impressive Array of Woods and Textures
To plan your beautiful and elegant entryway, the focus will of course be on the door itself. Choose a style that complements your home. Whether an Old World Tuscan door of deep fine mahogany or a Craftsman-style door of rustic alder, you choose what appeals to your sense of design. When you go shopping, be sure to enlist the help of an experienced door contractor who has the expertise to know what would look just right with the front of your house. He will make suggestions and show you actual front doors or a photo gallery that will spark your mind’s eye.

Bring in the Natural Sunlight to Brighten Your Home
Today’s entry doors are as varied as the materials they are built from. They run the gamut from classic solid doors with several windows to full double doors with sidelights and transoms. There are hand-carved classic heritage designs, maintenance-free copper, and Mission Shaker style with straight-line designs. With so many front doors to select from, you may become overwhelmed. But once you have an exact vision of the end result and the feeling you are trying to achieve, the style you have in mind will become clearly apparent.

Prehung or Custom-Built
Prehung doors will save you time and money. They come already set in the frame and are simple to install. Custom-built doors are designed just for your house. As the name implies they are built specifically for your home. They are made of a variety of woods, sizes, thicknesses, with panels simple or ornate. Either of these types of entry doors may have etched glass inserts or sidelights to bring in the light from outside. You will want to know which way your door swings (left or right) and the general shape of your opening, either arched or rectangular.

Choose Your Front Doors from a Dependable and Knowledgeable Contractor
This door will last many years and become a keepsake for the life of your home. Relying on an experienced contractor who will be there with you down the road when you want help or need suggestions will save you time and money. Make sure your contractor will stand behind the sale and install and service the door if necessary.