Free Your Creativity with Die Cut Tape


Often times in the manufacturing industry the adhesive needs of a particular bonding task can be unique to that situation. It’s never a matter of simply attaching one object to another. Time, money, material waste and efficiency are all components that must be considered, especially if the task is to be repeated numerous times. Die cut tape is a universal solution for a variety of bonding needs.

Die cutting is a service provided by tape converters that can be applied to almost any type of tape, regardless of the material or adhesive system used. Die cut tape allows users to tailor the dimensions of their tape to the job they need completed instead of the other way other. Users can then focus on the overall product they are trying to create without worrying about accommodating the problems that may arise when working with non-custom sizes.

How it Works

Typically die cut tape is converted into a specific shape or style to fulfill a very specific need. For instance let’s say you need to mask of a specific area on a part for a painting application. There are a handful of ways you could go to complete this project:

  • Standard Width Masking Tape: You can utilize off-the-shelf tape in the closest available size. This typically leads to over or under-masking of the area desired, additional touch-up and extra cleanup for areas missed.
  • Handing Cutting: Enables you to get close to the shape you want, but isn’t very precise. The largest drawback to this method is the labor involved by cutting each individual piece. Hand cutting also creates a significant amount of waste.

On the other hand, with precision die cutting you could order a custom tape in the exact size you require. You save time, money and energy. It may seem inconsequential until you consider: What if you had hundreds or thousands of those parts to mask? None of the other options would provide you with the flexibility you needed.

User Flexibility

Die Cut Tape allows users the freedom to be as specific as they need to be. Every kind of pattern, design and color can be supported. Die cutting is the most flexible tape option out there for manufacturers looking for a creative way to get exactly what they want.

  • any size
  • any shape
  • any color
  • and almost any tape!