Four Types of Employment Opportunities in the Trucking Industry

Transportation and Logistics

To become a truck driver, those interested must first complete a training course through a truck driving school. This course will teach them all they need to know about trucking and help them obtain their CDL license. Once students have passed their class at the Star Truck Driving School, they will then have been opportunities for employment. There are four main types of employment opportunities in the trucking industry.

Auto Haulers
One type of job a truck driver can get is hauling auto mobiles. This entails picking up cars and getting them onto a platform that is pulled behind the truck. Auto haulers often work for car dealerships and even auction lots. The jobs may be local or long distance.

Freight Haulers
Freight haulers typically refer to trucks that haul dry goods. Some, however, classify any hauling trucks as freight haulers. Companies use freight haulers or carriers to pick up their goods and deliver them elsewhere.

Bus Drivers
With a Class B CDL, those who want to drive locally can become a bus driver, or even drive a small truck for a local business. Bus drivers may include school buses or city buses. Buses are not as big as large semi trucks, but they still require proper knowledge and experience to drive them due to their length and larger than normal size.

OTR Trucking
Typical trucking is known as OTR Trucking. This includes driving a semi truck for long periods of time, going from state to state for jobs. Those who do this type of trucking for work are often gone for weeks at a time, making trips to numerous places to drop off and pick up goods. While this type of trucking is time consuming and keeps drivers away from home, it also pays well.

There are countless employment opportunities in the trucking industry. Whether someone wants to travel for long periods of time, or only handle local moves that allows them to be home each night, there are jobs out there that meet their needs. After completing a course at the Company Name, drivers will get to choose the exact type of driving they want to do.

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