Four Tips For Healthier Teeth

Dental Health

Becoming a mom for the first time or the even the fifth time is an exciting time for a woman. But it can also be stressful and very busy. Your dentist in Rochester Hills understands that moms are busy between family and work and the other responsibilities in her life; but that doesn’t mean that your teeth need to suffer. Yes, routine cleaning and flossing may seem like just another thing on your To Do list, but it is essential for maintaining oral health. Here are four tips you can apply to your daily life to help your care for your teeth.

Brushing at least twice a day for at least two minutes is essential to remove plaque from your teeth and gums. It probably seems like an eternity while you’re brushing but if you are that hard up for time, multi-task! Find something else you could be doing while you spend your precious two minutes brushing your teeth to help you feel more productive. Two minutes really is important in effectively cleaning your teeth.

Frequency isn’t the only important thing about brushing your teeth. Brushing properly is, as well. Cleaning your teeth thoroughly is important, but your dentist in Rochester Hills will also recommend that you avoid brushing too hard or you’ll hurt your gums and potentially facilitate their recession.

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Floss every day! This doesn’t have to be cumbersome. With the new flossing tools manufactured today, flossing is more convenient than ever. Flossing wands make flossing easier to do and more portable than ever before. Your dentist in Rochester Hills won’t want to hear excuses for not flossing!

Believe it or not, your diet is important in promoting oral health, as well. Eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables can help you eliminate other sweets from your diet that are harmful to your oral health. Sweets and candies promote the decay of your teeth as well as gum disease. By eating healthier snacks, you can help prevent undue damage to your mouth.

Try to reduce or eliminate your stresses. Being stressed out can cause your to grind your teeth, which can in turn lead to TMJ and trigger cankers and cold sores. Try out different methods that have been proven to reduce stress to see if they help. Yoga, meditation, and exercise are all great ways to help you eliminate the stress from your daily life. And speaking of exercise, regular exercise has been shown to help prevent periodontal disease. So don’t be afraid to break a sweat!

Contact your dentist in Rochester Hills today to schedule your routine teeth cleaning. Visiting your dentist in Rochester Hills can help you assess your daily habits to see if you need to implement any behavior modification to improve.