Finding A Family Restaurant In Laurel, MS

Food and Drink

When people say “southern food” people have an idea of what to expect. First off, they expect BBQ. Secondly, they think of heavy food that is typically fried and always in a thick sauce that weighs you down for days after eating it. The truth is, “southern food” varies from state to state, and from region to region. What is popular in Louisiana is going to be different than what is popular in Alabama or Mississippi.

Southern cooking is regional, meaning that depending on where you are you are going to find specialties that are not found in other areas of south. This is great for those who are looking to travel and try new things. While you can get BBQ just about anywhere, you want to look a little bit deeper when you are looking to get true southern food. When it comes to finding a Family Restaurant Laurel MS, you want one that is going to give you a taste of what Mississippi is.

So what is Mississippi dining like? It is about the land and the sea. It is pork loin that is dipped in a rich gravy with greens, and crab cakes that feature lump meat that has only been out of the sea for a couple of days. It is about fresh catfish prepared just about any way that you would like it. You can have it in a Po’ Boy sandwich, or you can have it pan fried in a light sauce. Of course, like any proper southern restaurant should, a Mississippi restaurant is going to have their own take on shrimp and grits that is going to warm you up and keep you happy. Visit website for complete details.

When you are looking for a Family Restaurant Laurel MS, you want one that takes in the taste of Mississippi by using only local ingredients. The seafood should be fresh and local, the pork and chicken should come from a farm close by, and all of the veggies should be fresh and never frozen. This is what you get when you go to Cotton Blues, where everyone in your family can get a great taste of what Mississippi has to offer.