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A family dentist Glen Ellen are great because he or she can treat your entire family. There’s nothing like having a day off from school and taking the entire clan to visit the dentist. The kids may not be fans, but as a parent or guardian, it’s incredibly convenient to have one dentist that will see everyone in the family. Not all family dentists are pediatric dentists, but the vast majority understand how to work with children. Their staff will also know how to handle children in the dentist’s chair, which is vital for your child’s experience.

Some kids are more sensitive to seeing the dentist, but for the most part, the majority of children are not scared as long as the parent and staff at the dentist’s office do not make a big deal out of the appointment. The goal is to treat the dentist’s visit as a thing that must be done and do not create a threatening or intimidating experience. Parents or guardians should always enter the dentist’s office with the child.

The family dentist Glen Ellen will encourage young kids to take care of their teeth and show them the proper brushing techniques and thoroughly explain why they need to floss daily. Often having these explanations from either the dentist or a dental assistant creates a sense of authority and a child is more receptive to these instructions versus nagging from a parent. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a family dentist.
Family dentists are often general dentists. Because they have a large roster of clients that includes children, they will typically only handle general dentistry needs and refer a patient out to a specialist for some dental care. This includes extracting a tooth or treating various types of periodontal disease. This is common practice for family dentists.
When choosing a family dentist, be sure you ask for the location of doctors they commonly refer patients out to. For a family with a teenager who will likely have braces, ask where the orthodontist is located. This can make a big difference in helping you choose a family dentist since you don’t want to drive across town to see the ortho your general dentist refers you to. Many times the specialists work in the same building which is convenient for patients who have more than one child to see the dentist in a day.

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