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There are different types of drug testing and all are used for the same purpose: to detect drug users. Depending on the type of test, a biological sample (urine, blood, saliva, sweat or hair) is analyzed for the presence of drugs in a person’s metabolism. The various types, in which drug tests are reviewed, are very similar. The sample is placed in a special sealed container and then sent to laboratories for analysis. If you need a drug test or you are an employer who has employees that require testing, there are easy ways to Find a Drug Testing Center near year. Once the sample has been collected, the laboratory reviews the sample to ensure that the sample has not been tampered with. If it has been, the laboratory rejects the sample and it will not be reviewed. But for other tests, prior extraction of the samples is required. Other samples require special preparation before being checked:

  • Plasma has to be separated using a centrifuge. This is because it obtains substances of different densities.
  • A sample of sweat from a patient is immersed in solvent to break up any drugs that are present.
  • Hair samples are first washed before breaking up enzymes.

Drug tests are conducted in laboratories on two levels with the use of two different methods: test screening test and confirmation. Screening Screenings are conducted by immunoassays, which are biochemical tests that measure the concentration measurements in a biological fluid. The most common is the enzyme immuno assay (ELISA) and enzyme multiplied immunoassay analysis. To measure the concentration of substance in the fluid, these tests make use of the antibody response to the antigen. Signs giving a negative are discarded and reported as such. Those who test positive are sent to the next level for further testing (confirmatory method). It is important that you Find a Drug Testing Center that follows all the regulations needed to ensure proper handling. Confirmation Test This method is used only for samples that were positive during the screening test. The test is performed using a mass spectrometer, a technical method for determining the basic constituents of a sample or molecule. This method is very accurate but it is also very expensive. A false-positive screening results in a negative confirmatory test. Furthermore, a positive in both tests will be reported as such.


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