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Chiropractic adjustments have become standard therapy for spinal and skeletal issues such as pinched nerves, sciatica, and whiplash. As patients become more familiar and comfortable with their Chiropractor in Tempe doctor, they are turning to him for many different types of care. Many parents are frustrated and concerned about continued ear infections in their children. Doctors once gave antibiotics for those infections. However many were viral infections and the medicines didn’t work. Pediatricians then turned to ear drainage tubes which required anesthesia and often the tubes just fell out. Frustrated parents turned to chiropractors for a less invasive, but effective treatment strategy.

Their Chiropractor then educated parents about the ear nerves. Many of the nerves that control the ear and hearing begin at the base of the brain, travel down the spine and exit to the ear between bones of the spinal column. If the bones or muscles of the neck impinge on the nerve, then the ability to fight infection in that area is affected. Chiropractors can use a very gentle touch to realign a child’s upper spine. Many chiropractors also use acupuncture which has been shown in many clinical studies to boost the body’s immune function. These two treatments enhance the ability of the body to fight the ear infection.

Headache sufferers are another group of patients that are frustrated with the inability of traditional medicine to consistently help them. Generally all doctors can do is prescribe pain medications for headaches once they occur. Once x-rays and medical tests have excluded other causes for the headache, the Chiropractor in Tempe doctor can examine the spine to look for tension and abnormalities.

Even a stiff lower back can cause headaches if the patient is holding their head in a bad position to compensate. Correcting the lower back problem, gets rid of the headaches. Just as with the ear, the nerves that control blood supply to the brain originate in the spine. If these nerves are pinched or irritated by discs and bones, then the blood supply isn’t regulated properly. Swollen veins impinge on nerves in the brain and cause painful headaches.