Find a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Indianapolis IN Lawyer


Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help give you a fresh start if you’re buried in debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a quick method to eliminating your unsecured debt. It can be filed by businesses, as well as individuals, making it an easy choice for many. The main reason Chapter 7 bankruptcy exists, is for the hard working Americans out there to be able to gain a fresh start by getting rid of their overwhelming debt.

When filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, always remember that the typical length of a case can take anywhere between three and six months from the beginning to the end. It starts by filing for the bankruptcy petition at the court. This petition must include a fully detailed accounting of your expenses and income. You will be required by the court to provide proof of your income, in the form of bank statements, pay stubs, and/or tax returns. All of your assets and personal property are required to be listed, as well as a completed list of your creditors so that they may be notified of the case. This is usually the most time consuming portion of the case, due to the amount of detailed information that is required.

Any misinformation or inaccuracies on your petition will cause your case to get dismissed quite quickly. Hiring a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Indianapolis IN attorney can help you ensure that your case goes smoothly from beginning to end. They can offer advice, and assistance in making sure that your petition is filled out properly. They can also help you provide documentation that may be required by the court for your case if you’re having trouble finding it yourself.

Finding a good attorney to help you might take a bit of time, but in the end it will make things a lot smoother for you. There are many Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Indianapolis IN Lawyers to choose from, with the experience needed to help you. Filing for bankruptcy shouldn’t be a hassle, so make the right choice and hire someone who’s experienced to help ensure you win your case and get that fresh start Chapter 7 bankruptcy was created for.