Filing For Immigration Bail Bonds

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Bail Bonds

If a family member or friend has been detained for legal problems pertaining to immigration they might be eligible for bail. The qualifications for immigration bail depends on several factors. An individual that poses a risk to national security or the safety of the general public will not be eligible for bail, and must remain in custody until their court hearing or deportation. If an individual is not likely to return to the Customs Enforcement agency they will be less likely to be eligible for bail, in most cases it will depend on employment status and the presence of family members in the United States. If an individual does not have a job or family they are considered less likely to return for their hearing.

For those who qualify for bail a family member or friend will need to speak with a bail bond provider about Immigration Bail Bonds. Bail will be set by an Immigration Judge ranging from five hundred to ten thousand dollars. The more of a flight risk the individual poses, the higher the bond will be set at. If a delivery bond is set conditions of custody will be outlined by the judge, the delivery bond allows the individual the necessary time to consult with a lawyer. The bond is secured to endure that the individual will be sure to return for the hearings, and comply with the immigration authority’s findings. Immigration Bail Bonds are enforced by law, and will require full compliance in order to stay in the country is that is a possibility.

A Voluntary Departure bond may be issued for those who don’t qualify for legal immigration. A Voluntary Departure bond is paid to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency by the individual, but will be refunded once they leave the country. The individual released on a Voluntary Departure bond will pay the necessary expenses and leave on their own or a warrant for their arrest will be issued. When released on Voluntary Departure the individual will have a certain amount of time to leave the country, if they fail to do so the bond will not be refunded.

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