An Experienced Parenting Time Lawyer In Dayton OH Will Protect Your Parental Rights

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Many divorced and non-custodial parents say that one of the most difficult problems resulting from the divorce is being able to spend quality time with their children. A child needs ample time with each parent, especially if he or she is having emotional difficulties because of the divorce. The Ohio court will not necessarily make parenting time decisions in accord with the parent’s wishes, so a wise parent will be thoroughly prepared with a detailed parenting plan before going to court.

Parenting time is the term used by Ohio courts to designate the scheduled times that divorced parents will see their children. This is especially important for the non-custodial parent. Unless there is a better plan presented, most Ohio courts have a ‘model visitation schedule’ for parenting time. According to the model, the non-custodial parent will see their child on alternate weekends and for dinner every week on a designated night (usually Wednesday). This would normally be the least amount of parenting time written into a custody and visitation agreement.

Current research suggests that young children should see both parents more frequently than a minimal parenting time schedule would allow. The best arrangements are those where parents reach an agreement that meets the needs of both parents and children. Often, this schedule will be completely different from the ‘model’. Both parents can attend the child’s school and other events without regard to the parenting time schedule. Any non-custodial parent who wishes to be able to spend as much time as possible with his child should protect his or her rights by consulting a Parenting Time Lawyer In Dayton OH.

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