Taking care of your smile is much more involved than simply brushing and flossing your teeth each day. Though these steps are important, it is also imperative you see the dentist on a regular basis. Most people will need Dental Care Searcy carried out every six months. You may need services more often, if you have certain oral health concerns. To ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy, regular dental care should not be ignored. Through this information, you can know what to expect at your appointment.

What Happens at Preventative Care Dental Appointments?

The first part of your dental exam will involve you getting your teeth cleaned. This type of cleaning is much more thorough than the cleaning you can do at home. The dental hygienist will use special dental tools to remove all of the plaque and tartar from your teeth. This ensures there is no sticky residue left behind to cause decay in your teeth. The cleaning process will also involve the hygienist flossing your teeth and conducting a brief examination of the inside of your mouth.

Once your teeth have been cleaned, flossed and polished, you will be sent for X-rays. X-rays are typically carried out once a year, depending on your oral health. The X-ray helps the dentist to be able to see any problems with your teeth and gums that might not be able to be viewed with the naked eye. Once your X-rays have been reviewed, the dentist will examine your gums, tongue and teeth, to check for any signs of concern. Each tooth will be checked to ensure the enamel is strong and there is no sign of decay.

Once you have been examined, you will receive one last treatment in the form of fluoride. This treatment will be placed on your teeth and you will need to wait at least thirty minutes before you eat or drink. Fluoride helps to strengthen your teeth, so you do not experience cavities.

Through Dental Care Searcy, your teeth and gums can remain healthy. To schedule an appointment contact the dental office of Jason T Bolding DDS. Through he and his staff, you can keep a healthy and beautiful smile.