Eliminate Roaches from Your Home or Business in Connecticut


No one likes cockroaches. They are nasty bugs that invade your home, eat your food, and multiply behind your walls. They are mostly nocturnal creatures, so if you start seeing them during the day it could mean you have an infestation. Many at home insecticides do not work. Cockroaches are better at hiding than you are at finding them, and they have evolved to be highly resistant to common household remedies. A good way to gauge the extent of the infestation is to put out sticky pads in areas they may travel. Around trash cans, in the pantry, up in the attic and behind the toilet are good places to put sticky pads. After a couple of days if there are only a few on the pads the problem should be relatively easy to address. If the pads are full or there are more than just a few on there, you have a major infestation problem. In either case you should call a pest control company experienced in eliminating Roaches in Connecticut.

Elimination is Important

At the first sign of roaches you need to call a pest control expert. These nasty little creatures carry diseases, leave fecal matter everywhere they travel, lay hundreds of eggs and wreak havoc on your home. Your home is the perfect environment for them to live and breed. There’s plenty of food, shelter from the elements, and great nooks and crannies to lay their eggs. If left to their own devices they will literally take over a home and make it inhabitable for the humans that live there. They leave behind old skin, feces and dead bodies everywhere they go that can aggravate allergies and asthma especially in children.

Call a Professional

Many people just buy a fogger, set it off, leave for a few hours and think they have done the job. There are a few problems with this method. It does not get into cracks and crevices where Roaches Connecticut actually hide, it can be flammable, ruin upholstery and carpet and most roaches have adapted to become resistant to the ingredients in foggers. Other at home methods such as boric acid powder and gel baits just do not work effectively. Your best chance of eliminating this disgusting insect is by allowing a professional to come in and eliminate them for you. They use solutions and chemicals found nowhere else and are experienced in the habits and biology of these creatures. Many companies have a guarantee on their work and will come back again and again until they are completely gone. Don’t worry about the cost until you actually know what it is. You will get a free estimate of the job, and sometimes companies even provide flexible payment options.

If you are battling roaches in Connecticut contact AAABON Pest Control Inc. They have been in business for 40 years and will do everything in their power to ensure your home is free of pests. Contact them today at 860-633-7011 or visit their website.