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There are a number of dry cleaners in Richfield MN that propose to offer good dry cleaning services, but how do you know for sure? Well one might start by wondering why a dry cleaners is needed at all. Isn’t soap and water good enough? They’ve used it throughout time it must be the best, “old fashioned” way. While that is true, soap and water washing has been around since the beginning of time when man first started to wash their garments. The problem comes in more modern times as a result of chemistry and technology.

As with all technology the dry cleaners in Richfield MN are affected by modern day developments and in fact have come into existence as a result of those developments. With the application of modern science to the fabric industry so have dry cleaners needed to adapt to find a way to care for those fabrics. With the 1940’s bringing on the development of synthetic materials such as nylon, so was born the need for specific methods to clean these synthetic materials to replace the soap and water method. Soap and water proved fine through hundreds of years as all the fabrics were a natural fiber, or a natural blend of fibers. Once synthetic fabrics became mainstream a need was born to replace the soap and water method.

With certain synthetic blended fabrics water actually destroyed the fabric to the point that when it dried it dried to a new texture and could not be restored to its previous nap. Many fabrics also shrink when subjected to water, regardless if synthetic, a blend, or natural fibers such as 100% wool. Other more expensive blend fabrics will stretch when washed in water. Other fabrics won’t shrink per se’ but can loose their original luster, sheen, or shine, what’s refered to as the fabrics, “finish”. These types of garments and materials cannot be washed in conventional washing machines and require the use of specially designed cleaners.

Dry cleaners in Richfield are forced like others to find special non-reactive substances that will work in place of the traditional cleansing methods or systems. Cleaning agents such as “perc” is often used to cleanse the materials soap and water damage. But regardless of the product used specifically to clean the garment made of finer fabric, the dry cleaners in Richfield MN are better equipped to care for your better made items and will ensure that your garments look as good when they did when you first purchased them.

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