Don’t Freeze; Have Your Heater Repaired and Get Warm!

Heating & Air Conditioning

Winter temperatures are no laughing matter in Ohio. People have been known to literally freeze to death during winter storms. If your heater has left your teeth chattering as you wear ten layers of clothes in your own living room you have a major problem. You need your heater repaired as soon as possible. As soon as possible means now, not tomorrow, not a in a few days, not maybe next week, you need it repaired now. This is why there are companies that will perform heating repairs Dayton OH at any time of day on any day of the week. Being without a heater is an emergency, so don’t settle for slow service.

Hire the Right Company

Anyone you let take apart and repair your heating system must be HVAC certified. Otherwise, you are running the risk of receiving a shoddy repair and paying more in the long run than you intended. Make sure it gets done right the first time and rest easy knowing it will not break down a few days after the technician leaves. Verify the company you hire has good insurance coverage. The industry standard is one million dollars, but it’s not the requirement so a little less would still be ok. Whether you are having an oil furnace, boiler, heat pump or other heating device repaired, accidents can happen even by the hands of the most experienced professionals. In the unlikely event damage occurs to your property you need to make sure the company carries insurance to cover the costs. It is recommended that you only hire locally based technicians because they will be more knowledgeable of common issues in the area. A local company is also more likely to offer coupons, discounts and flexible payment options.


In the event that your unit is too old or is broken beyond repair it may need to be replaced. Make sure you address this with any repair company you hire to ensure that they can get the equipment needed in a timely manner. Ask about discounts and any special offers that they may be able to provide you with. Most people do not have all of the cash needed to replace their unit upfront, so shop around until you find a company that offers flexible payment plans.


It always more cost efficient to find a potential problem before your unit breaks down. It is recommended that everyone have a yearly inspection of their heating repairs Dayton OH in the fall before the winter storms roll in. Find a company that offers free estimates with their inspection so you save the most money. It is a good idea to have your system properly maintained and tuned up every few years for maximum performance. In the event that it does break down, you will have a technician on hand that is familiar with your specific unit.

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