Don’t Drive on a Flat Tire in Gettysburg PA


When you’re getting ready to drive your car, the last thing you want to see is a flat tire. In addition to the hassle and inconvenience of changing over to your spare, you’ll have to get the flat repaired; if you have steel-belted radials like most people, you’ll need to get it fixed right away to prevent the puncture from deteriorating further. Here, you will learn more about flat tires and how they are repaired.

Punctured Tires and Speed Ratings

If your speed-rated tire is punctured, there are additional factors to consider. Some tire makers allow tires to keep their speed ratings after a puncture if exacting repair procedures are followed; however, most maintain that tires lose their speed rating because the manufacturer cannot control the damage caused nor the reliability of the repair.

What Causes a Flat, and How Best to Fix It?

Any sharp object can cause a flat tire Gettysburg PA, but most punctures are caused by small screws and nails. Tire maker guidelines allow repairs for tread punctures up to 1/4”; repair of large tread punctures or holes in the sidewall are unsafe and not recommended.

Dangerous Repairs

Any service attempted without the removal of the tire from the rim is unsafe and improper. The inside of the tire must be inspected for hidden damage, and punctures that look fine from the outside are often long enough to puncture the sidewall from the inside. Plugging a tire without removal isn’t acceptable, except as a temporary solution in cases where permanent repairs aren’t available.

Tire Rubber Compounds & Driving with a Slow Leak

The average car tire uses a variety of rubber compounds. The inner liner uses a compound specifically designed to retain air; once punctured, the liner should be cleaned, scoured, cemented, then patched and coated to help it retain air. Driving on a slowly-leaking Tire Gettysburg PA will allow wetness to penetrate the tire, causing rust of the steel cords within.

A proper repair will take at least a half-hour, and it will cost an average of $30. Driving on a poorly-repaired tire is dangerous because it causes further damage and deterioration, and an improperly-repaired tire driven at very high speeds has a high likelihood of failure. To ensure a correct repair, always take your flats to a professional tire repair service as soon as possible.