Doctors in Wichita, Kansas Provide Many Medical Services


Newcomers looking for Doctors in Wichita, Kansas will be pleased with the many types healthcare available. Within the walls of Covenant Hospital, families will find 24-hour emergency care as well as services by appointment. Routine out-patient surgery can be performed and have patients home the same day. Patients needing physical therapy after surgery or injuries will find a caring and supportive staff. Maternity services include pre-natal check-ups, birthing classes and baby deliveries. Doctors have many different types of diagnostic and screening tools to use, including: lab services, digital mammograms, MRI services, CAT scans and 3-D ultrasound services.

Parents with sick children can rest assured that they will receive the highest quality pediatric services. The hospital also works with the Texas Health Steps program to provide healthcare for needy children under 20. In addition to surgery the pediatricians will perform preventative medicine such as newborn care and well-baby check-ups. Developmental concerns can also be addressed by these doctors. Parents concerned with ADHD or autism can find evaluation and treatment options for their children. Comprehensive asthma check-ups address one of the most common but dangerous conditions now facing children and teens. Youngsters needing school physicals or sports physicals can also get them at the hospital. Of course the personal touch that delivers the medical care is just as important. Doctors in Wichita, Kansas as well as nurses, physical therapists and all of the other hospital employees know that they play an important role in the health of the community. Their residents depend upon them when they are injured at work and have to deal with a worker’s compensation claim. The funds from this process could be the only financial support a family has while the breadwinner recovers.

Adult immunizations, including annual flu shots are available. Preventative programs such as this will help minimize medical costs throughout the year. Women can also call upon the staff for their annual gynecological visits. The emphasis is on caring for each member of the family in the best setting with the appropriate level of care. If a symptom is uncovered, the doctors can use their modern diagnostic and imaging tools to find the answer.