Do You Need Concrete Repair In Atlanta, GA? Blackjack Paving Explains

Construction and Maintenance

Concrete is a strong and durable option for flooring, patio spaces, and driveways. However, even under the best circumstance, concrete is likely to need mended as time goes on. Often, many just are not sure when or why they should have their concrete fixed. There are various reasons why you may need concrete repair. Blackjack Paving explains the leading reasons why concrete needs to be restored.

Concrete Repair Atlanta, GA: Blackjack Paving Has the Facts

Among the most common needs to have concrete repaired is due to cracks. Cracks are caused by various factors and are simply unavoidable. Often, cracks can be the result of structural loads, plastic shrinkage cracks, and drying shrinkage cracks. Cracks are also caused from settlement and corrosion of the underlying steel. In the end, cracks are from various forces that place too much strain on the concrete.

While cracks are an eyesore, there are other reasons you should have the cracks repaired. Although small cracks are unattractive, cracks that are less than 1/8 inch wide are not particularly bad. But, if cracks are larger than 1/8 inch, there has been significant movement within the foundation, which needs to be investigated. Leaving large cracks unrepaired will cause further breakage and damage to the concrete.

It is common for concrete to have cracks to a certain degree, however, there are instances where the cracks will require repair. To help determine if you need concrete repair, Blackjack Paving, will examine the problem.

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