Do You Need a Single Acting Cylinder?

Machinery Tools

When you need to replace a cylinder, you may not be sure what type of system you need. It is not uncommon to find a wide range of cylinder types in a single system. However, one specific thing to look for is whether or not the one you need is a single acting cylinder. This is a very specific type, and you cannot interchange it with other types. The good news is that some manufacturers and distributors offer just what you need for your system.

How Does it Work?

A single acting cylinder is not uncommon. It is designed to compress air whenever it is necessary to actuate the piston in a single direction. It will generally then use spring force in order to bring the system to the base position. This is not an uncommon system. It can be used in a variety of systems. It can be used, for example, in a single port that is used for either or both the vent and supply of compressed air.

Finding What You Need

If you need this type of cylinder to replace one that may not be working or you are designing a system that benefits from this design, turn to a company that specializes in them. The best companies provide a wide range of options ready-made to go that will find most applications. However, there are also some companies that can custom make these components for you. For those who have a very specific and hard to find need, this can be an ideal solution for you.

A single acting cylinder is a valuable one and one that is necessary in some designs of hydraulic systems. Be sure to turn to a company specializing in them to ensure you get the right fit for your equipment.