Do not get stuck with Hidden Costs when Purchasing Propane Fuel


Propane has grown over the years as a popular fuel to help heat homes or businesses because of its affordable price. Supplies are readily available in the United States, or propane can be imported as well if supplies run short. Although propane is affordable in most cases, the price can fluctuate often since the price of propane is directly related to the price of natural gas and crude oil. When selecting a company to purchase your fuel from, you want to make sure you find one that is upfront with how much you will be paying. While some companies will charge extra to have the fuel delivered to your home or business, others will provide the service for free if the delivery is made within a certain number of miles from where they are located. If you need to get fuel from a good Colorado Springs propane company, do your research to select a company that offers professionalism, excellent service, good prices, and timely deliveries.

Questions to Ask when Searching for a Propane Dealer

  • Do they offer an option of having the fuel automatically delivered to you or do you call in when you need your tank refilled?

  • How much do they charge to purchase or lease a tank to you? Is there a benefit you can receive by buying a tank versus renting one?

  • Do they require you to purchase a certain amount of propane when you place your order? If you do not meet this requirement will they still provide the fuel for you and do they charge an extra fee for it?

  • What are your payment options that they provide for you? Do they accept only credit cards, or can you pay them in cash?

Find an Experienced Propane Supplier in Your Area

You do not want to purchase your propane from just any supplier; you want to make sure that the company you use is insured and licensed. This will help protect both you and the company in case any damage is caused while refueling or installing your tanks. An experienced propane provider will be thoroughly trained and will inspect your tank at each refill. This inspection will provide you with the assurance that your tank is not leaking and functioning properly before they leave your home or business.

Affordable Fuels is a locally owned and reputable company that offers the residents of Colorado Springs propane for their homes or businesses. Visit their website for more information.