A Divorce Lawyer in Douglasville GA can get you Permanent Alimony


In a divorce, alimony is often the most contentious issue, and it means that the higher-income spouse will have to compensate the lower-income spouse to keep them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. Alimony is intended to help those with no job skills, who have depended on their spouses financially. Permanent alimony may be awarded if the marriage lasted for many years, if financial inequity is extreme, or if either spouse made sacrifices for the other’s career. In this article, you will learn what permanent alimony is, and you will learn how it can affect a divorce case.

Permanent Alimony Defined

Alimony is given when one spouse makes significantly more money than the other spouse does. Rehabilitative alimony attempts to help the deficient spouse become self-sufficient through education, and it is often given to a stay at home parent in a long-term marriage. However, if the court determines that the spouse will never be able to gain the job skills necessary for self-sufficiency, permanent alimony can be given. In limited circumstances, a permanently disabled spouse (who will never be able to work and support him- or herself) can get permanent alimony.

Permanent Alimony: Is it Truly Permanent?

There are many factors that can reduce the amount paid through a permanent alimony contract. For example, if the alimony recipient gets a job with a substantially higher income, the divorce court may decide that it is no longer necessary for the other spouse to pay alimony. Conversely, if the paying spouse loses his or her job, or gets a pay cut, the payment may be reduced or eliminated. A Divorce Lawyer in Douglasville GA can tell you more about Georgia’s permanent alimony laws.

If a permanent alimony recipient gets a significant inheritance, courts may determine that the payments are not necessary. Lastly, permanent alimony agreements are frequently modified if either spouse passes away, or if the recipient marries someone else. Depending on divorce laws in your state, cohabitation may count as a remarriage. If you are going through a divorce and are encountering alimony troubles, a Divorce Lawyer in Douglasville GA can help you reach a fair and equitable conclusion. Click here for more information.