Discussing Your Treatment Questions With Medical Marijuana Doctors

Medical Center

Patients are increasingly interested in finding an alternative to prescription medications that have very negative and potentially dangerous side effects. One of the natural management options for many types of medical and psychological conditions is the use of medical marijuana. In Fort Myers, FL, qualifying patients can discuss their treatment plan with a medical marijuana doctor to determine if this is the right option.

Determine If You Qualify

The first step for medical marijuana doctors is to determine if a patient qualifies. This is done by reviewing medical records and information and, if necessary, through a diagnosis by the medical marijuana doctor.

Most patients seeing a medical marijuana doctor in Fort Myers, FL, will have a current diagnosis of one or more of the qualifying conditions listed by the state. The medical marijuana doctor can also approve conditions that are like or similar to those specifically listed by the state.

Medication Interactions

Even if a patient qualifies for a medical or psychological condition, medical marijuana doctors complete an evaluation of all current prescription medications. While medical marijuana is well-tolerated by most patients, it can have potentially serious interactions with a small number of prescription medications.

Options for Medical Marijuana Use

Patients can discuss their options and what types of forms of medical marijuana are best suited to their needs. Smoking or vaping are two common options, but medical marijuana can also be consumed as a capsule, a liquid, or a vaporized spray. There are also edibles that are easy and discrete for patients to use, which may be an important consideration for some patients.