Discussing The Point System at Auto Insurance In Camp Hill


Everyone is trying to find ways to lower their auto insurance premium in PA. At Auto insurance in Camp Hill a lot of discounts are available that you can look into. However, the best way to keep your cost down is to keep a safe driving record. The Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation keeps records of all licensed drivers in the state and uses a point system to keep track. Once you have reached six or more points you will be the target of the Department to begin corrective action. After two accumulations of six or more points they have the option to take no action or suspend your license for fifteen days. If you accumulate eleven or more points your license will be automatically suspended. The length of your suspension depends on your past record. For a first suspension the length will be five days per point. Additional suspensions on your record will be make the revocation more lengthy.

The most common point accumulator is speeding. It ranges from just two points for less than ten miles per hour over the limit to five points for twenty-six miles per hour over the limit. There is also the option to suspend your license in certain instances of excessive speeding. Leaving the scene of an accident will give you five points, most instances of failure to yield, improper passing, or following too closely will put three points on your record. Failure to stop can cost you as many as five points if it involves a school bus with flashing red lights, four points if it involves a railroad crossing, or just three points for a lesser infraction.

If you feel you have been improperly charged there is an appeals process. For information on this and any other questions you may have I suggest you get in touch with your agent. At Farnham Insurance Agency they are very knowledgeable of this points process and, with your permission, can access your driving record and discuss with you how this system will effect your premium. You can also ask them about other discounts that may be available to you. The best solution, drive safely.