What to Discuss with a Custom Home Builder in Hawaii

Construction and Maintenance

Building a house is not an easy process. You are responsible for choosing the items you want in your home, and making sure that it fits your needs now, and will be a comfortable place for you and your family for years to come. A Custom Home Builder in Hawaii can help you with all of these steps and ensure your new build project goes off without a hitch. Don’t do it alone, when you can hire a professional to help you make your dream of a custom home a reality. The following are three things you should discuss with your builder before you begin construction. Receiving clarification on these items can help make your build easier and less stressful.

Warranty Details – All new homes come with a warranty. This protects the buyer from having to pay for major repairs that occur, generally for a time span of 1 year. Don’t let a builder tell you otherwise, when most states require all builders to back up their construction work with a warranty. Make sure you get warranty details in writing so you have something you can reference should you have issues with your new home in the future.

Time Line – The Custom Home Builder in Hawaii that you use should provide you with a time line of the project. This will list the start and completion dates, and should also list benchmark dates, such as when the frame will be constructed, when the roof will be installed and when the electrical work will be completed. Make sure you get a copy of this so you can hold the builder to their estimated completion date.

Build Price Estimate – The builder should provide you with an estimate of the new construction. You will need to provide this to the bank, as they will need proof of how you will use the money. Having this keeps you safe and prevents the builder from charging you more should you not change your plans along the way. Make sure you get your estimate in writing so you can hold the builder accountable for the charges they bill you for.If you are looking to build your dream home, start your research with Executive Construction. No matter how big or small your dream home may be, they can help make it a reality. Call them today or Browse Site so can take the first step in starting the construction of your new home.