Determining Your Benefits Through Social Security Disability


The statistics are that 3 out of 10 working adults will need some sort of Social Security Disability before they reach retirement age. From the day you start working you are putting money into this fund to cover such disability claims. Social security is paid through one of two agencies and they are the Social Security disability income program or the Supplemental Security Income program, otherwise known as SSI. Once you believe you qualify for benefits it can take anywhere from 3 to 5 months to have your application processed so it is imperative that once you have been placed on disability that you submit the paperwork as soon as possible.

If you have been placed on some sort of disability and wonder if you qualify for the social security benefits there is a 5-step process in determining your eligibility for the program. The department will first want to establish if you are currently working. If you are working but perhaps not making enough to meet the basic income requirements then the state agency will look at your current medical condition.

To determine if you current medical condition is severe enough to be placed on disability while still retaining an income-earning position you will need to verify your condition. Any condition that prevents you from doing simple tasks such as walking, standing or remembering things for a period of at least one year qualifies you as eligible and if not, there are still 3 remaining qualifications for benefits.

The state agency has a particular List of Impairments that if you suffer from one or any of these you will automatically get placed on the benefits list. Determining if you can still work will also be up to the state agency at this point. If you do return to work then they may offer an alternative to the job that you were doing prior to your disability.

If any of this sounds confusing or you need help navigating any of the government websites to confirm your process there are people that specialize in legal representation if you need help for your disability. Robert C. Bianchi Attorney at Law can be called on for his expertise in working with Social Security Disability Services or the SSDS.