Designing Business Cards In NYC, NY That Make An Impression


In spite of the digital age, business cards are a vital instrument in advertising a business. Even though people exchange information on digital devices such as smart phone and tablets, business cards in NYC NY can provide a person with more information than that which is saved digitally. Business cards are designed as a way to share our information and in some cases can even convey a special message. A memorable business card will include:

• Business name and location
• Website URL and/or QR code
• Social Media links- Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+
• Photo and/or logo, dependent upon the business. A real estate professional would want to include a photo, as would a blogger. This helps people they come into • contact with to put a face with the name.
• Contact information-email address, phone number
• Tag-line – Something witty to make your business stand out. For example, a perfume store could use the tag line “Stick your nose in my business”.

It is also imperative that the business cards be printed on quality card stock or other standout material such as a textured paper. Using color print can help the card stand out even more. When a potential customer visits your booth at a trade show, they will be leaving the show with more than one business card. That is when a stand out card will jump out and get the shopper’s attention.

When designing the card, it is a good idea to use the same branding across all of your business ventures. The design should tie together the whole look of your business. These can include your business website, e-mail stationery, brochures, flyers and more. Business cards can be easily designed with one of the many business card templates that can be found online or they can be designed by a professional.

Business cards are also used as a drawing card to get a customer into your business. Some business owners use the business card as a coupon or even as a punch card for a buy 3 get 1 free deal.
Remember that once the Business cards NYC NY are received, you should always carry them with you. You never know when the need will arise where you will want to share your information. Click here Printing Express to know more about printing services.

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