Dentistry: A Lucrative But Challenging Job


Oral health is one of the important aspects affecting the physical well-being of a person. Other aspects include physical, mental, spiritual health and many more. There may be many factors affecting each aspect but the bottom line is, if one aspect is not properly maintained, definitely the whole well being of a person is affected. Oral health is the physical condition of the mouth, tongue, the oral cavity, tonsils and everything inside it. If a person is orally healthy, it means that all the organs in his or her mouth are in perfectly good working condition and are free from any disease and some common bacteria. Professionals who specialized in taking care and maintaining oral health is called a dentist. They make sure that your teeth get the proper dental attention and care. They perform maintenance on your teeth and do a scheduled check on the dental implants of the patient if necessary. Dentists Annapolis are not your ordinary doctors. These professionals have received special education about dental health and enrolled in a dental school. Earning a degree in dentistry requires four years of studies and several years of training depending on the area that they choose to specialize.

Dentists Annapolis work to promote their patient’s dental health. If a patient is diagnosed to have a dental disorder, they treat the patient and inform them about the proper and appropriate preventive treatment. Dentists are generally medical practitioners who perform teeth cleaning, tooth extraction, tooth whitening and tooth aligning. They also fill cavities and many other dental related procedures. Dentists Annapolis however, may choose a field of specialty in dentistry such as orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and many more. Dentists who graduate in dental schools usually work for established offices but some also prefer to set up their own clinics. Working with associates is usually better than paying for an office alone because they can share and distribute expenses among themselves.

Dentistry is a lucrative and satisfactory profession.  A study was conducted in 2008 and it resulted to a projection of an expected increase in dentist employment by about 16 percent in ten years time, i.e. between years 2008 and 2018. The increase in demand for dental services is deemed to be the reason for the projected increase. People always look for fashionable and popular trends in dental technologies, such as teeth whitening, thus contributing to the increase in demand.

Dentists Annapolis must possess characteristics that promote the trust and confidence of their patients.  They must have great interest in the field of biology. A dentist must have an organized and methodical approach to a given situation since the field of dentistry is full of challenges. A dentist must have the patience to bear with young children. If a dentist is dedicated and motivated to the profession, he or she can work steadily and independently towards a particular goal.

The field of dentistry is no different to other medical fields. The only major difference that distinguishes dentists from any other medical professions is that they use their hands more than any other medical professionals. The mastery in working with tools and working with the dexterity of the hands all come together in the field of dentistry.

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