A Dentist in West Covina Can Provide Preventative and Emergency Treatment


People now know that their dental health affects the rest of their body. Therefore they find a Dentist in West Covina that can provide preventive care to keep them as healthy as possible. Dental hygienists carefully remove plaque and tartar from teeth and gumline to prevent cavities and infections. Dentist Shailesh Bhatt then checks to see the overall health of the mouth. In addition to searching for tooth decay and gum disease, he also checks for oral cancer. If he notices bad breath, he will determine it’s cause. The patient might be a diabetic and not be aware of it. He will also review the patient’s overall health and ask what medications they are taking.

West Covina Family Dentistry treats patients of all ages. It’s important for toddlers to see the dentist to establish good dental habits throughout their life. It’s also important because healthy baby teeth lead to healthy adult jaws. The dentist will each the toddler about caring for their teeth. He will also apply Fluoride treatments. As the child ages and gets their back molars, he will will treat them with a sealant. The surfaces of molars can have microscopic cracks that allow bacteria to seep in a cause decay. They sealants fill the cracks and prevent tooth decay.

A Dentist in West Covina is available for emergency procedures as well. If a patient is in pain, they should call the office immediately. They will be seen the same day. Depending upon the emergency they may be seen immediately. If a tooth is knocked out of the person’s mouth, they should rinse it off under warm water. They should be careful to touch it at the top of the tooth and not the root. If possible they should place it back in its original location in the mouth. If this is impossible for them, they can just tuck it between the gum and cheek. This will keep the tooth from drying out. They should then call the dentist immediately. If the dentist can place the tooth back in it’s socket within the hour, it might be saved. If not, then dentist can discuss methods for replacing the tooth, once the area heals.