How Does the Dentist in Jackson MO Whiten Your Teeth?


When you are unhappy with your teeth, it shows in your smile. Many people who feel embarrassed about the appearance of their smile will attempt to try and cover their smile or avoid social situations where they must talk and eat in front of other people. When you are not happy with your smile, because of the color of your teeth, you do not have to deal with the embarrassment any longer. There are now many different treatments for whitening your teeth and they are safer and more effective than ever before. Through this treatments, you can finally be proud of your smile.

How Does a Teeth Whitening Treatment Work?

First, your Dentist in Jackson MO will need to clean your teeth. The cleaning process removes the plaque and food residue that is stuck to your teeth so the whitening solution can penetrate the enamel and remove stains. If this substance is not removed, the treatment will not be effective. The dentist will first paint your teeth with the whitening solution, making sure to completely cover the outer surface. If you are having a simple whitening treatment, the dentist will cover your teeth with a special plastic tray, to allow the whitener to begin to work on the stains. If you are having bleaching done, a special light will be used to activate the whitener so it will dramatically whiten your teeth.

The amount of time the whitener sits on your teeth will depend on how severe your stains are. Most treatments are carried out in under an hour. To achieve even further results, the dentist may either have you come back for subsequent treatments or send you home with a treatment protocol to use. This will help to keep your teeth white between dental whitening treatments, so they do not begin to yellow or become stained.

If you are tired of your dull and yellow teeth, contact the Kaelin Dental Group so you can learn more about the procedures available to you. This will dramatically improve the appearance of your smile and give you greater confidence than you ever imagined.