Dealing with Silverfish in Marlboro, NJ

Pest Control

Most people strive to keep their homes safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, this safety and comfort can be diminished when various types of pests invade the home. Some pests cause damage and issues that can make homes uncomfortable for the occupants. Other types of pests can pose health risks to family and pets. Fortunately, there are pest control companies that can help remove many types of pests, including everything from rodents to Silverfish in Marlboro NJ.


Silverfish in Marlboro NJ are small insects that are wingless. They are silvery blue in color and seem to move like a fish when they walk. This appearance and movement give these little nuisances their name. Although these tiny bugs do not carry diseases, they can cause damage and contaminate food in the home. This can diminish the home’s comfort and create issues for those living there. If found or suspected, contacting a pest control expert can help remove these pests from the home.

Habits of silverfish

These tiny creatures prefer humid conditions. They can often be found in basements and bathrooms due to the higher likelihood of humid conditions in these areas. These bugs eat starchy materials. This can include various starch-containing food products as well as materials around the home such as papers, photos, book bindings, wallpaper, and anything that may contain glue. This habit can quickly damage various areas of the home and personal property.

Removing these insects

The best method for getting rid of a pest infestation is to prevent it from happening. A dehumidifier in normally humid areas can prevent these pests from living there. It is also important to seal any cracks in the home and foundation to keep them from entering. Even clearing away debris and leaves from the outside of the home can prevent attracting these insects. If already in the home, the best option is to contact an exterminator.

A professional exterminator understands the habits of silverfish and other pests that can enter the home. They can quickly and easily use the appropriate methods to eliminate these insects and help prevent their return. Companies, such as Freehold Pest Control, offer services for a wide variety of pests and insects to help keep the home safe and comfortable.