Crooked Teeth? Braces in Ripon, WI Can Straighten Them


Adults who weren’t able to get their teeth straightened as children are now asking their family dentists if braces in Ripon, WI would be appropriate for them. Dentist are happy to straighten their teeth and give them a smile to be proud of. Many of these people are self-conscious about their smile and don’t like to speak without covering their mouth. Sometimes it is necessary for them to have traditional metal braces with wires connecting them. While they continue to feel self-conscious about their appearance during this time, they know that eventually the braces will come off.

Other patients are able to use clear aligners to straighten their teeth. These are almost invisible when they are worn. Therefore they don’t add to the embarrassment that people are already feeling. Most dentists are able to oversee these types of braces so it’s not necessary to see an orthodontist. The process begins with the dentist taking impressions of the upper and lower jaw. These are sent to a dental laboratory where the information is fed into a computer.

A computer program then determines the correct alignment for the teeth. It also creates a series of transparent aligners that will gradually move the teeth into that location. Every two weeks the patient visits the Silver Creek Dentistry office and has their progress checked. If the teeth have moved enough, the patient gets a new aligner. The aligners are meant to be worn throughout the day and night. They should only be removed for eating and teeth cleaning. Some people remove them for special occasions, but if this is done on a regular basis, it will slow the process. These types of braces are perfect for a young woman who is getting married and doesn’t want braces on her wedding day. She can simply remove the aligners and start wearing them again the next day.

When the patient discusses the brand of aligners that the dentist will be using it’s important that they discuss how the aligners stand up to being worn. Some brands yellow after a few days. That makes them quite noticeable. However, those are the exceptions. It is quite easy to find aligners that don’t yellow and stay invisible.