Controlling Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus, OH


Most people are frightened and afraid of bees as they assume that these small creatures are just born to attack and sting. There are a lot of wrong perceptions and misconceptions about the honey bees. If you get a sight of thousands of bees that are flying in a big group either over the tree or towards a certain direction, the initial thought that would struck in your mind is “watch out, run away, and hide somewhere.” It’s natural for you to think that bees are dangerous insects and they would attack you just after seeing you standing out there in front of their way. But what you have heard or read about bees is totally wrong.

Bees don’t fly in a swarm to hurt and injure people. Their primary plan by running in a group is to find a new place to dwell in so that a new generation of bees can be produced and a new colony can be built up wherein the queen may rule. You will witness a lot of swarms flying in the farms and fields during the spring season. This is the time when hives becomes very overcrowded and make the honey bees to get out of their residence in research of new homes and places.

Do you know what bee swarm is and why bees need to find a new hive to increase their population? We all know that bees are smart creatures, like other animals of the planet, who believe in increasing their population as this is the rule of this entire world. Reproduction takes place everywhere in different forms and ways. A hive is a home to thousands of bees that work together and excrete the nectar whereon infant larvae feed and grow. There comes a time when queen bee hatches and lays a lot of small eggs in the queen cells. Some of these eggs covert into larvae then into bee workers whereas some female eggs are destroyed by the queen right after their birth.

Bee workers do what other normal bees do–they take part in the work and excrete nectar. The queen keeps on laying eggs until the entire hive becomes overcrowded with thousands of larvae population and workers. The swarm occurs when the colony becomes too small to accommodate all the bee workers and new generations. Some bees evacuate the hive and start flying in the air in form of groups in search for a new colony.

Inside a colony, there exists only one queen and there are several of worker bees. When the hive is filled in, the bees start to create a new queen. When a new queen is born and created, the old queen takes almost half of the bees with her and flies out of the hive. She takes her most obedient nation along with her and sets on a journey for a brand new home. More often than not, these groups of bee will put a new home on the branches of the trees and keep wandering freely until they get a safe place to live in.

They stay on the branches for hours, weeks and months depending on how long it would take for them to find a colony. It’s common to get a sight of honey bee swarm in Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas, especially nearby farms, plantations, and fields wherein there is a source of food.

Though you may get out of your mind upon seeing a swarm coming towards you out of nowhere, you don’t need to run like crazy. Swarm is a sign that these bees are finding a home and aren’t coming towards you to attack you. They will come near you and take off like an airplane with a big buzzing sound. Don’t run as you will catch their attention and then they might sting you. Don’t do anything that can make these bees to attack on you.

Unfortunately, if you have just witnessed a honey bee swarm scrambling outside your home, near the trees or elsewhere in the plantation, you needn’t scream or do anything that can draw their attention towards you. You’d rather contact a The Wildlife Control Company Inc.