Consult With A Divorce Attorney In Carlisle


It seems that all marriages begin with flowers, romantic music, and promises of forever. The reality of being married is much less idyllic. Being married for even a few years takes a great deal of patience, compromise and negotiation. For many married couples, the wedding may have been the happiest time in their relationship, but the marriage itself can prove to be a great deal of hard work to maintain.

When a couple decides it is time to call it quits, it is wise to consult with a lawyer to be represented for the case. A divorce attorney in Carlisle can help you with the important and very business-like details that are required to be taken care of in order to get a divorce made final.

While the project of planning a wedding was much like setting up an elaborate party, the process of getting a marital dissolution made final is much more like a business deal. Even though the couple may be embroiled in a great deal of personal drama, the only thing that the courts are interested in addressing are the legal issues of getting the couple divorced.

Attorney Lori K. Serratelli is well aware of the emotional toll that a divorce can take on a couple and she is able to cut through all of the conflict and help her client to focus on the issues that must be agreed upon in order to get a marital termination agreement reached.

The role of a divorce lawyer for many couples is to be the one who can keep a cool head and a laser-like focus on the important issues at hand, even when their client may be emotionally distraught over the ending of the romantic relationship.

The courts are interested in the topics of assets, debts, and other marital issues that must be accounted for and the lawyer can explain to their client just how the process will go.

In divorces that have children who are still young, the attorney is also able to work through the parenting issues with their client, helping them to reach an agreement that is in the best interests of the children that they share in common.