Considering The Reception Area When Picking Wedding Reception Venues


As soon as you and your partner get engaged, one of the first things the two of you envision is your wedding day. Many people imagine what their wedding day will be like long before the day ever arrives. With such an important day, it’s no surprise that a lot of planning will have to be involved. The two of you will have to plan for two events: the ceremony and the reception. Both of these are events in themselves, and should be thought of this way when planning. The ceremony is an important event, but the reception is where the party begins. Make sure to focus your attention on the reception when picking wedding reception venues near Lake Geneva.

The size of the reception area is very important. The ceremony is typically much more formal and tame. Everyone is seated and engaged in everything going on between the two couples. However, receptions are for mingling, moving around, and having a good time. Some venues look large when they’re empty, but when you calculate all of the extra activities that will be going on, it can get small very quickly. You have to accommodate for dancing, a buffet area, entertainment, chairs, tables, and a host of other activities. As you search for wedding venues in Lake Geneva, be sure to consider the size of the reception area as well.

As you focus on the reception, try to envision everything that will go on in the area. Most receptions have entertainment, such as a band, singer, or DJ. Where will they be located? Will you need a stage? Start out by planning where the entertainment will be and work from there. When receptions have music, people almost always want to dance. Plan an area where people can dance and have fun. The dance floor should be a large open space where people will have plenty of room to move around.

Weddings are usually very private events, and most would like the same for their reception. If you’re having your reception in a park, a beach, or some other public area, your reception may have a few uninvited guests. If you do plan on holding your reception in a public area, be sure to hire some security to deter potential intruders. The reception is suppose to be a fun time. Take this and the other tips into account when picking wedding venues in Lake Geneva.

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