Considering Bunion Removal? The Woodlands, TX Doctors Can Offer Advice

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Health

Bunions are painful bumps that usually develop between the big toe and second toe, but can also form on the little toe. They become painful when the bump becomes inflamed, or the affected toe bends towards the others and creates a problem with crowding. Bunions can be diagnosed in The Woodlands, TX residents of all ages, but fortunately the problem can be fixed quickly through bunion removal. The Woodlands, TX doctors can often perform the procedure in an office to minimize recovery time and get good results.

Alternatives to Surgery

Although people of both genders can get bunions, they are most common in women who wear high-heeled or narrow shoes. As a precursor to bunion removal, The Woodlands, TX specialists might suggest wearing wider shoes or sandals to prevent irritation. Anti-inflammatory medicines and cold packs can also help manage pain. Long-term treatments include customized orthotic insoles, and stretching regimens to ease foot tension.

After a Bunion Removal, The Woodlands, TX Patients Can Get Permanent Relief

While the interventions above can manage existing symptoms, they don’t eliminate the issue. A surgery that’s often called a bunionectomy removes the bony growth and also realigns the toes. This is usually recommended for people who are suffering from persistent pain despite trying some of the measures mentioned above. It’s usually performed on an outpatient basis with the help of a local anesthetic and mild sedative.

Recovering from the Procedure

You’ll need to stay off your foot for a period of time recommended by a doctor after the surgery, and the recovery may take several months. If you are an athlete or otherwise would be hindered by a slightly reduced range of motion in your big toe, ask a doctor to advise whether you might need to expect that possible side effect following surgery.

Preventing Further Issues

The operation has a high success rate, but patients should consult with physicians and come up with a plan to prevent bunions from forming again. Some strategies may include regular checkups following a bunion removal. The Woodlands, TX doctors know how to recognize the signs of a future problem and can intervene when necessary.

If you’re perpetually struggling with problems from bunions, seek advice from a doctor by making an appointment today. There’s no need to suffer when effective treatments are available.

If you’re considering a bunion removal, The Woodlands, TX doctors can answer questions and suggest treatments during an office visit at Business Name. Manage your podiatric concerns by requesting an appointment .

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