Common Misconceptions Regarding Pediatric Dental Care


When you are a parent, you are focused on the mental and physical wellbeing of your child. Unfortunately, there isn’t a manual that comes with your kids. If there were, here are just a few common misconceptions that would be dispelled when it comes to your child’s dental care.

It’s Okay to Lay Down with a Bottle

Laying a child down with a bottle or a cup of juice is commonplace with many parents. However, it’s not good for a child’s dental health. This is true even before the child begins to grow teeth. Once the baby is used to falling asleep with a bottle, it’s a hard habit to break when the teeth begin to grow. Allowing a child to go to sleep with milk or juice in the bottle is a recipe for bad dental health. Sugars sitting on the teeth for extended periods of time can cause decay. It’s best if the child doesn’t have a cup or bottle in the mouth, however, water is not as damaging as other drinks.

Visiting the Dentist isn’t Necessary until Permanent Teeth Grow

This is one of the biggest and most harmful misconceptions when it comes to pediatric dental care. A child should be taken for family dental care in Ajax, ON area within six months of the first tooth breaking through. Taking your child to the dentist at this age is important because different dental challenges can be detected early and even avoided if caught early.

Taking your child to the dentist at an early age can also dispel any fear that a child may have early on. It makes it even easier if your child goes to the same dental office that you do. Remember that children naturally emulate your behavior and if you avoid seeing a dentist, they will learn the same thing. If you have questions regarding your child’s dental health, contact Pickering Square Dental today.